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Upcoming Events

Please join us at one of our fun upcoming events!

Euchre Night

Cancelled until May 8

Join us for an evening of Euchre, food, drinks and fun! Games start at 7PM on the 2nd Friday of every month. Feel free to bring food to share. There will be a cash bar throughout the evening and euchre nights are always open to the public.

Doors open at 6:15PM with registration beginning at 6:30PM.

Ice Fishing Tournament


RICC Quarter Auction


Our doors will open at 5pm and auction will begin promptly at 6pm. If you are wanting to get a full table of people, please arrive early to reserve your seating. We will not pre reserve tables.

When you arrive, you’ll be able to purchase your auction paddle(s) – 1 for $2.50 or 5 for $10.00.

Purchasing additional paddles will increase your chances of winning items. This can also be done if you’re bringing your children along so that they can have their own paddle.

You’ll be given a numbered paddle which you’ll use to bid on the items and services that are being auctioned, as well as a list of all the items being auctioned off.

Before the quarter auction actually starts, you’ll have a chance to walk around the room. There will be many different types if things for auction: individual items, gift cards and entire baskets. During this time, you will be able to find out more about the facilities and joys of being a member of the club if you like. We will have memberships and building rental information available for you.

You can bring your own snacks for yourself or to share if you are bringing friends. Please purchase all drinks from our beverage area. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

Once you’ve walked around the room and seen what’s available to bid on, take a seat before the auction starts. Since you were given a list of the items being auctioned when you entered, its worth taking this opportunity to make a note on there of which products you definitely want to bid on.

When the auction starts, we will go over the rules for the auction to ensure that everyone is clear about how it works.

Each item will be available for bid. Depending on the item, will depend on how many quarters is needed to bid on the item. If an item is 1 quarter bid, you will put 1 quarter in the bucket in the middle of the table for each paddle you are wanting to auction with.

Once all bids are gathered, you will hold up your paddles that you put your quarter(s) in for and then we will draw numbers for winners. If a number is drawn for a paddle that did not bid, we will draw again until a matched number and bidding paddle is made.

One important thing to remember though – only the numbers on the paddles you hold up are eligible for that item. If you bought three paddles as you entered and subsequently used two of them to bid on an item, if the number called out is for your third paddle then you wouldn’t win and we would draw another number.

If you are not able to attend this event, but would like to donate items, please contact MeLia Hemphill at 563-265-4534 or email We can store them until the event and are willing to pick them up or meet if you would like to bring to the club. We are available automatically on Euchre nights and meeting nights.

Spring Flea Market


Dates and times labeled as "busy" denote clubhouse will be occupied.