Facility Rental


The Rock Island Conservation Club has rental facilities available year round for private parties, corporate meetings, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions.

The Club has a complete and separate bar, kitchen and lodge room, tables, chairs, podium, free WiFi, 65″ plasma TV, and the American flag.

The grounds have various areas for games and races. We have a covered shelter with picnic tables, electricity, and lights, which is adjacent to swings, slides, and sandbox for the smaller guests. We also have a back deck/patio to enjoy the view of our land, lakes, and wildlife.

With your rental we provide full use of our kitchen at no charge, some utensils, towels, pots and pans, and a large coffee pot if requested, at no additional charge. You are allowed to bring in your own food, water, and pop for your event. If you chose to have liquor at your event, all liquor must be purchased thru our bar due to our liquor license.

 Check facility availability on the Rental and Events Calendar below.

Available Facilities

Clubhouse – Located near the main entrance of the property, our all-purpose clubhouse is perfect for groups up to 100 people and features a full bar, full kitchen, tables, chairs, stove, microwave, and coffee pot. The clubhouse has WiFi and a 65-inch TV with cable can be rented for a modest fee. We offer a fully-stocked bar with bartenders available upon request. Our back patio overlooks one of the lakes and is a great spot to grab some fresh air during your event.

One of the most affordable rental facilities in the Quad Cities, the Rock Island Conservation Club Clubhouse is a perfect spot for wedding receptions, birthday parties, business meetings, holiday parties, family reunions, game nights, and much more!

Rock Island Conservation Club Pavillion

Pavilion – Planning an outside gathering? Choose one of our pavilions. Perfect for groups up to 50, take advantage of our fishing lakes or just enjoy the beautiful scenery while you host your gathering. 


Clubhouse Rental Fees and Deposits are as follows.

Hours Member Non-Member
Base 4 Hours:
Club house or Club house and Pavilion
$150.00 Cash/Check/MO $200.00 Cash/Check/MO
$160.00 Credit Card/Venmo $210.00 Credit Card/Venmo
Base 12 Hours:
Club house or Club house and Pavilion
$300.00 Cash/Check/MO $400.00 Cash/Check/MO
$325.00 Credit Card/Venmo $425.00 Credit Card/Venmo
Pavilion only:
No Deposit or clean-up fee is required when renting the Pavilion. Please be sure to clean up the area when done.
$50.00 Cash/Check/MO $100.00 Cash/Check/MO
$60.00 Credit Card/Venmo $110.00 Credit Card/Venmo
Additional Hours $25.00 Cash/Check/MO
$30.00 Credit Card/Venmo
65” Plasma HD TV Rental:
You will need to bring your own cables and ancillary devices.
$25.00 Cash/Check/MO
$30.00 Credit Card/Venmo

Deposit Information:

Deposit Information: $150.00 – If paying by check, the check will be shredded after the event.

Deposit is not required for Pavilion

Bartender and Special-Order Alcohol Fee:

Bar Fees Renters Responsibility Payment method
$50 Fee per bartender for first 4 hours Pay to bartender prior to start of event with cash or check only
$10.00 Each additional hour per bartender after the first 4 hours
Bartender Notes: We require one bartender per every 50 people attending. However, if you are ordering a keg it is a requirement to have a minimum of 2 bartenders. Bartenders and/or Rental chair have the right to call in another bartender if needed at the renter’s expense.
$220.00 Domestic beer and additional for imports based on type. (Amount can change depending on type ordered – Keg fees and any special-order alcohol must be paid 3 weeks prior to event.
Varying Special Order Alcohol cost depends on what is being ordered. (Champagne is $20/bottle.)
Special order alcohol must be paid 3 weeks prior to event.
Person paying for special order alcohol must be 21 or older

  • Club bar will be required if ANY alcoholic beverages are available and must be purchased through the bar.
    NO ALCOHOLIC beverages can be brought into the clubhouse or club grounds from renters or guests.
  • Bar will close no later than 12:30 a.m.
  • Rock Island Conservation Club Dram Shop and Liability Insurance will cover renters. We do not accept other insurance
    Company’s Dram Shop and Liability Insurance. No liquor is to be sold outside of the clubhouse per our DS license.
  • Bartenders will be paid the night of the rental for the entire time requested.
  • Bartenders are to be approved and licensed through Rock Island Conservation Club only.

This fee is non-negotiable and cannot be made by credit card.

Clean up Fee Renters Responsibility
$100.00 All personal property must be removed from the building. Any remaining items will be disposed of.

Rental Questions

Interested in renting one of our facilities?  Please view the rental calendar to check availability and complete the form below to receive more information. You can also register and pay for your rental here